Kiera Chaplin and BUFARMA® : A natural partnership for perfect skincare

Kiera Chaplin and BUFARMA® : A natural partnership for perfect skincare

Join us in celebrating the exciting partnership between Bufarma and the multifaceted businesswoman and fashion icon, Kiera Chaplin. Together, we're embarking on a journey to develop and promote a new range of natural skincare products, harnessing the skin-repairing properties of organic buffalo milk.

Kiera Chaplin is a renowned name in the fashion and entertainment industry, known for her modelling career and her foray into the world of business by creating the Chaplin Awards. With over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry working with all the top brands, Kiera has built a legacy for herself, not just as a model, but as a businesswoman, designer, and activist. As the global brand ambassador for Bufarma, Kiera brings her passion for natural ingredients and her keen eye for quality to the forefront.

Drawing on centuries-old wisdom, buffalo milk emerges as the star ingredient in our skincare range. With its rich lipid content and high levels of calcium, buffalo milk naturally protects the skin's moisture barrier, offering hydration and nourishment. “From the first moment I started using the products, I could feel and see the difference,” said Kiera.

Complementing the benefits of buffalo milk, we incorporate responsibly sourced botanicals from southern Italy into our formulations. This commitment to sustainability and quality extends to our use of fully recyclable materials, aligning with Kiera's dedication to environmental consciousness.

Driven by a passion for natural remedies and scientific research, Bufarma founder Massimiliano Galdiero brings his expertise in microbiology to the forefront of this skincare revolution. Inspired by his family's legacy and the abundance of resources found in Southern Italy, Professor Galdiero is determined to share the natural benefits of buffalo milk with the world.

As we at Bufarma and Kiera Chaplin join forces, we invite you to embrace the beauty of natural skincare and the power of sustainability. Together, we're redefining the standards of skincare, one organic ingredient at a time.

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