Buffalo Milk is traditionally farmed to produce mozzarella and since the region is famous for buffalo mozzarella, made from buffalo milk, we have an ample supply of this rich and nutritious ingredient.

Buffalo milk offers a natural alternative for chemicals found in cosmetic products all year round. This wisdom has been passed down three generations of pharmacists who own our farm.

And it lives on in the range of Bufarma skincare we produce.


BUFARMA® comes from a buffalo farm near Napoli owned by three generations. When Francesco, Maria and Valeria Galdiero inherited it from their father Stefano, they inherited knowledge of what buffalo milk was good for. Amongst other things, it was an open family secret that a regular splash kept their hands and skin healthy and soft.

Eventually the farm came into the hands of Stefano’s grandson Massimiliano. From his grandfather, he inherited a vast collection of formulations for making beauty products and methods of distilling organic essences from natural ingredients around the farm. Following the family trade, Massimiliano gained a PhD from the University of Cambridge and a professorship in microbiology. He decided that his family secrets are better shared with the world, and with that BUFARMA® was born.


At BUFARMA®, we believe that nature is a source of strength. Nature gives us more real and more meaningful benefits than anything artificial. That’s why BUFARMA® skincare always sticks to its roots. Baring its truth so that everyone can be brave and feel beautiful in their bare skin too.

BUFARMA® is an exercise in treasuring what nature gives us, doing what comes naturally, and letting people love us for who we are. Because there’s nothing more remarkable than that. Through this vision BUFARMA® is building a world where beauty is about living healthily, not simply chasing vanity.