Caring for the environment requires collective action. So we work hard to keep BUFARMA® treading with the lightest environmental footprint. All BUFARMA® materials are easily recyclable, with nothing needing to go to landfill. Our bottles and tubs are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium, like the milk cans on our farms. And our dispensing pumps are formed from a single piece of recyclable plastic, with no metal spring. Delivering responsible skincare in a form that prioritises care and utility.


Recycling information for packaging components:

  • Bottle/jar – aluminium is the only beauty packaging material that can be recycled an infinite number of times, hence why we use it for our bottles and jars. Please recycle with aluminium drinks cans and containers
  • Cardboard box/packaging – is also highly recyclable and should be recycled along with other cardboard boxes and paper based items
  • Pump – we have specifically sourced a pump with only plastic material in it, and no metal spring or difficult to recycle/separate materials, that is so often the norm. This means the pump can be recycled alongside plastic bottles and containers
  • Pipette – is made of plastic and glass, and if the glass elements are removed, the glass element can be recycled alongside glass bottles and jars, and the plastic head can be recycled with other plastic bottles and containers

Please follow local/national specific recycling instructions to recycle your BUFARMA packaging in the correct way.